GSoC 2022: Third Update!

Hello everyone! 😄 

In my previous blog post, I explained why we use a dialog box and its advantages over the GtkPopoverMenu for the templates submenu.

Since the last update, I'm glad to announce that the dialog box implementation is finally complete :D
The visuals are improved, we can now search for templates and new templates can be created with ease!

Visual changes:

As shown in the above comparison, the font and icon size are increased, making it even easier to read and recognize the type of files. Also, the size of the row is increased, to make the overall GtkListBox look cleaner. The padding between the search bar and the list box; and the padding between the list box and import button is made equal as well! 
This, of course, isn't the final design, and suggestions from the designers and other members of the community are more than welcome, which would help in making this dialog box look even better. 😄

Searching for templates is as easy as ever! Just type in the template name in the search bar, and it will find it for you :D

The cpp_file.cpp is in the coding directory and is not visible without expanding the directory, but with the help of a search, it's extremely straightforward to find it. 

Template creation:
The most important feature of all, obviously, is the creation of templates. The create button is used to create new templates through the dialog box. 

A text_file template is selected, the create button is clicked, and the template is created 🎉

Future plans:
Although the dialog box is pretty much complete, there might be a few minor bugs that might need sorting out. Also, the visuals could be worked on to make it look even better. 
And finally, it has to be tested for it its usability. 
I've created a draft merge request for the same, and I'll be working on improving it!

I would like to thank my mentor @antoniof for helping me throughout this project! It has been a really fun experience working with him. 😄

Thanks for reading,
See you in a few weeks! 😉


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