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First Update!

Hello everyone! 😄 It's been almost 2 weeks into the GSoC coding period, and the project has picked up the pace! But first things first, Community Bonding Period: I and Ignacy Kuchciński were selected for the project "Revamp New Documents Sub-menu", which led to an unexpected situation, but Ignacy has explained how we solved it in their  blog . So the main aim of my project now is to design the UI for the New Documents creation feature when the user is using at least one template i.e when the templates folder is not empty. We had a few more discussions during this time, mainly on chat, further planning for the coding period. Week 1: So finally it was the 13th of June, and the coding period began. 🎉 For me, the first week was full of confusion, as to how should I get started and where should I write the code. But having a few discussions with my mentor and going through a lot of blogs and resources, we finally had a plan.  The current implementation of the New Document

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